Saturday, January 21, 2012

Monica Foster on January 13th spoke about why condoms need to be required for the Los Angeles
porn industry - reason being the rapid spread of a new SUPER strain of gonorrhea.

As of January 17th the LA city council passed a vote making condoms 100% mandatory for the los angeles porn industry.

January 15 Monica Foster discusses the new trend of mainstream actresses possibly being recruited into porn via the playboy gateway. Monica Foster explains how mainstream under age actresses and musicians such as Taylor Momsen are being influenced by Lindsay Lohan
and others in the porn industry such as Jenna Haze into thinking that the only way they can gain fame is by going into the hard core pornography marketplace.

Monica explains that as long as the porn industry is trying to link up with the music industry - the SOPA act will never be taken seriously or considered by
the United States government. Monica feels that mainstream entertainment - especially the music industry should cut all ties with the pornography industry.

Monica Foster then goes on the discuss how finally people who depict minors in adult material (in her view directors and studio owners such as Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen) are finally facing legal consequences.