Friday, December 26, 2008

A person's tolerance level and pain threshold can really vary depending on where they are in their life and what they've gone through in the past. It also varies tremendously from person to person - another thing that varies is how a person responds to pain/discomfort and when and how they express that "enough is enough".
My pain and tolerance level both emotionally and physically is very high - why? Well because in life I've been to hell and back a few times (that may be why I prefer to be a domme ( over being a sub). Sometimes I like to test myself in that department actually to see exactly where I am and where my level is and I'll admit, I'm pretty damn tough and strong - however I'm not made of steel. Sometimes in life I'll give someone a certain amount of "rope" when it comes to what they attempt to get away with or dish out just to see if the person hangs themself. More often than not, they do - as very few people, especially out here in California have a real sense of right, wrong and how to be a real person - basically how to do unto others as you'd want done to yourself.
Recently someone I really took a chance on and let into my life essentially hung them self. It happens and I'm really sad and disappointed, however I'm glad I figured it out over the holiday and before the new year rather than allowing the situation to continue.
This was a bit of a heavy blog I suppose, but hey - I'm heavy sometimes.
Speaking of heavy, I've gained some weight, I think that between now and '09 I want to lose about 5 to 10 pounds of fat and gain about 3 pounds of muscle. I'm hitting the gym tomorrow. I've noticed that when I'm aggravated, anxious or sad I eat - I'm determined to keep myself happy for a while.