Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ATTENTION ALL WOMEN - DO NOT ORDER anything from Golden Mart Beauty Supply (www.GMBShair.com). Why? Well because on December 25th I ordered my regular supply of hair extensions and purchased the 2 to 3 day UPS delivery. Well guess what - they shipped my order GROUND and it won't get here till January 6th. UNACCEPTABLE. I needed to redo my hair by NEW YEARS EVE! If you're a woman, you understand my frustration. Hopefully I will get a refund as I don't even WANT my my order anymore. I will have to call them tomorrow and chew them out.
Fortunately I found an alternative to these assholes very close to where I live: His and Her Hair - www.HisandHer.com - their store is very close to where I live and they have BETTER prices, a better website AND a better selection of hair extensions and other products so I have my weave in time for New Years eve after all.
Tonight I'll be doing cam shows as usual, and tomorrow night I'll be attending the New Years Eve party at a club called ECCO. I'm excited and am sure I'll have a good time. My outfit I'll be wearing is totally Flashdance inspired (yep, I'm a cheesy chick) and I even made some custom legwarmers to complete the look. If I get some pics, I'll post them on the 1st.