Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sometimes you have to take a step back and really be grateful for what you have. Living in South-East Florida that can be very very hard. It's even harder when some of your friends and a person you date live in an incredible highrise right on the ocean and drive great cars and you don't (in the building even the valet people are snooty) It's even HARDER when you try to make money via regular channels and regardless of what you do, can't seem to get ahead.
This is why so many bitches in south east florida have sugardaddies. I've tried, but I just don't have the mentality to constantly have to pander to someone. Yea, I'd love to have Coach and Gucci and Bebe and all those name brand digs like other women I see, but somehow I don't think it's really worth it unless I can buy it myself.
I've gotta stop and talk about this "Beach Club" building in Hallandale a bit. I have a love hate relationship with it. I love it because it's a dream to live there but I hate it because i don't know if I'll ever be able to afford it. When I go there I feel inadequate. You can't self park - you have to valet, and I feel like the valet people and other people look down on me because I don't have a nice car. Also a lot of people there seem to have a serious stick up their ass if they know you don't live there. I think people who live there maybe should only associate amoungst themselves.
Truthfully I think I should just be able to date someone who has a little more than me who enjoys taking me out and paying for my half, but that's even hard to find, guys where i live have real attitudes which is why I think I will stop dating all together. Even if a guy does front the $ when he takes you out here a lot of times he's kinda condescending.
It's true about the middle class dwindling away. People soon are either just going to be rich or poor. I'd like to just be ok.
When I feel like this though to get myself back on track, I just watch this video:

I think I just need to move out of South East Florida - I can't keep up and I'm sick of feeling bad about it.
In other news, here's intro for the new online show The X-profiles that I'm doing - still very excited about it. Goes to show that even if something you're doing isn't immidiately making you money it still can be worth it.