Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What a morning. I'd planned on shooting a couple long over-due promo videos for my project participation on thexprofiles.com , but unfortunately due to my little dog suddenly getting infested with fleas (it's that time of year) I had to take about 4 hours out to de-flea her and my apartment. Ugh.
I'm glad it's just about the end of the month. This year is going by so quickly already.
I really hope I can get to where I want to with my photography and design biz to where I can really "retire" Monica Foster / MiZtress Monica for good as planned. I'm glad I created the concept when I did, but I'm starting to reach a point where though I'm grateful for the positive attention and income that Monica's attractd, I'm also beginning to attract some really negative and hateful attention as well.
Fortunately throughout my life I've kept my social circles fairly limited, so it's pretty easy to narrow down the few individuals I've known who'd actually take the time and effort to continually create new screen names/aliases to send me threatening emails through the few networks I'm on. I'm glad these networks are co-operating with me in tracking down the sender's IP addresses/info to where if needed I can forward them to law enforcement.
It's amazing how even when you try to keep to yourself, not bother anyone and just do your own thing there are those out there with nothing better to do than try to annoy you.
Anyways tonight will be another installment of Real Exotic Dancers Talk back on www.redtback.com - I'll try to put together an interesting show.