Thursday, February 28, 2008

Complete "work mode" - that is the mode I've finally settled in for the remainder of this year, and probably next year too.
There are so many goals I have, and so many things I want - and I've recently come to realize, that as of current, I may have to put a few of my current endeavors and dreams on hold in order to get closer to my long term ambitions a bit faster.
A lesson I'm glad to have learned last year, and actually a little into this year, was the lesson of not giving up my resources, emotion and/or time to people who don't give back and who don't deserve me being in their life.
The hardest thing for me to have dealt with throughout my life has been the consistant influx of users and takers - from family, to mates, to friends. I have a very giving soul and a lot of energy, so I've come to realize that's why I attract people like this (after all opposites DO attract). People like this have done nothing but hurt and hinder my life, development and soul so I'm actively putting a stop to it all right now.