Thursday, June 25, 2009

I will probably be uploading the framework to tomorrow afternoon. All of the links will not be active yet, but the site should be about complete (FINALLY) by the end of the month. The site's purpose isn't to encourage or discourage anyone to take the path into the world of porn performance - it's simply a FREE resource to educate individuals (primarily women) looking to get their start in porn as a performer and to act as a central hub for all the adult industry info a person could possibly need before "getting into porn".

I remember when I first was looking for info on the porn industry I found only a few adult industry "behind the scenes" news resources and only a few adult industry forums. I scoured sites like AVN and Xbiz and checked a few adult industry blogs but I wasn't able to find the type of info that I know as of current and am putting together on - I really wish I'd have been able to find a resource like I'm putting together prior to my start in the biz.

I'll tell you, one of the best adult industry resources I've viewed (actually after I'd begun shooting scenes) were the "Porn 101" and "Porn 102" videos which are available on the AIM website. The videos tell women (and men) looking to get into porn a lot of valuable info, but truthfully at this point AIM needs to step it up and produce a "Porn 103" video because there's quite a bit of info that hasn't been touched on in the current videos.

Speaking of AIM needing to "step it up", at this point considering everything that we know scientifically about HIV and the incubation period, WHY is the quarantine period for adult industry talents who have had sexual contact with other talents who then test HIV positive only a period of about a month (28 days I believe) rather than 3 to 6 months? According to and many other resources such as, the facts of HIV the incubation period can be about 3 to 6 months (if not longer) where as an infected person can test negative but still be a carrier for all of that time? I think that since AIM's mission is to protect adult industry performers, they need to increase this quarantine window and possibly set up an offshoot organization that employs individuals in quarantine so that they can get by financially while they wait to find out their STD status.

Being that AIM is currently the primary testing facility for the Porn community,and being that the name's of the individuals currently in quarantine aren't public knowledge (the only individual I know of who's come out about his involvement is Seth Dickens and apparently if he tests negative he's looking to get back to performing ASAP according to his statement) there's no way at all that I could possibly in my right mind work as a talent in the next few months - too much of the equivalent of walking in the dark through a live landmine.

I actually don't see how ANY talent is comfortable shooting scenes at present with the lack of public information as to this current HIV issue in the porn industry. I'll go out on a limb here and state that most likely the only reason any talents are continuing to perform right now is because they:

1) haven't been told what is currently going on
2) haven't been educated as to how each individual in porn is only 2 to 3 degrees of seperation from one another.
3) aren't aware as to how the incubation period of HIV is 3 to 6 months

I understand that performing in a porn IS a risk, and that taking the risks of getting an STD is a part of the business, but considering what's happening right now with this HIV issue (which is obviously very serious considering that in LA county the public health department is offering FREE HIV testing till Saturday in various locations), all of this "mess" could be avoided if condoms were used more regularly in scenes. When I perform in the future, condom use will definitely be something that will be in place.

Tomorrow will be an interesting afternoon. I'm booked to be on Playboy Radio's "Night Calls", hopefully I won't be too nervous and will lots to discuss with the shows hosts and callers :)