Saturday, June 06, 2009

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Today I was browsing the internet checking out other new "interracial porn" releases and and something suddenly hit me - maybe I was simply enlightened - who knows, but here was my thought:

Considering the day and age we live in and the amazing progress that America (and the english speaking world for the matter) has made over the past 200 years or so, and our current political leader especially, the country needs to end the "racial classification" system at this point once and for all and we all just need to be Americans. The term "interracial" is stupid at this point - we're all fucking human.

When you go to France, everyone there is "French" , when you go to Brazil, everyone there is Brazilian (and please keep in mind that a Brazilian can have blond hair and blue eyes or be as black as I am) so what the hell is America's problem? What the hell is the porn industry's problem with their constant attempt to fetishize people with different skin tones having sex? It's STUPID. I actually hate to say it but "Not the Cosbys XXX" raunchily but clearly illustrates that yes, ALL people of all shades AND cultural economic backgrounds CAN and WILL and DO have sex at some point and it doesn't have to be via stereotypical scenereos.

What EXACTLY dictates someone being black or white or whatever now days anyways? Take a look at the photo below: those 2 kids come from the same parents but one is darker than the other, are you gonna tell me that they some how are not equal? If you didn't know what their parents looked like how would YOU classify these kids? COULD you classify them?

How in the hell can someone be LATIN with latin is a language base? Why are all asians lumped together when there's such a wide spectrum of people from the asiatic area of the world?

I'll tell you this, the very SECOND that extraterrestrial contact is made, no one will be black, white, yellow, red, or whatever anymore - we'll all be earthlings so listen up readers of this blog - get with the times now and stop buying racial specific porn. Stop checking a box as to what race you are on forms.

Upon entering the porn biz I was all hung up on being a "black girl" in porn - why? Because the idiots who run the show want to put me in the "black girl box". Why are girls like Misty Stone and Cassidy Clay who in my opinion both appear MULTIRACIAL boxed into being "black girls". Why are girls like Shay Jordan (aka Jannine Jinn) and Tera Patrick NOT classified as being "ethnic" when they're clearly not primarily "european". Why does DJ Snoop have to be a "black" performer when he's clearly multi-ethnic? It's so rediculous at this point.

The REAL problem with porn right now is that it's so stuck in the "old mindset" - the only progress that I and some others I frequently speak to in the biz see is the return of HUMOR into this business via this new flood of parodies. Someone very close to me recently told me that when he first began working in the biz it was a lot more fun and there was a lot more humor. Humor is the basis of positivity in my opinion - if you can't smile and laugh there's no point in living. I think when a lot of pornographers who are just based in negativity and evil started producing SHIT that degrades and in many cases HURTS women, it probably brought a shit load of negative and bad kharma into the industry which is why it's having a hard time economically right now.

Here's my suggestion to pornographers: Cut the crap. Stop the shitty gonzo. Stop with the "black porn, white porn, latin porn, asian porn and interracial porn" generas. Big porn companies, don't be afraid of throwing a brown face in your productions - when you don't it's VERY obvious. Start classifying porn as to it's content and not the COLOR of the actors - oh and by the way - put some fucking EFFORT into your productions for once. Just cause you have a high def camera and decent editing does NOT mean that your porn is good. Write a god damn storyline and make it GOOD - it's really NOT that difficult.

I will be starting a porn movie review site soon and I am going to REALLY review these flicks that are supposedly OH SO GREAT, cause guess what - most of them ain't.

Here's an interesting article I found today called "Dating 101: Dealing With the Race Factor - what's wrong with mixing?"- definitely worth a read.