Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's been a while since my last post, but due to this week being pretty uneventful and mellow, there hasn't been too much reason to write.

Last weekend was Erotica-LA, and being that it was my first adult industry convention ever (I've never even attended a convention as a patron before), I feel that my experience there was very good and completely free of drama. Below are some photos of me at the HarleysXXXtv booth.

I really enjoyed meeting some of my website's Club Monica members and it felt good to have people request my autograph and to have their photo taken with me. Yes, I have realized that I am indeed a bit of an "attention whore", but I have it under control :) Plus I believe that everyone should have that "hey look at me, I'm so great" experience at least once in their life.

This week is just all about webcam shows, but next week it looks like I have a couple non-adult acting gigs so that should be interesting. I'm anticipating that by August I'll be beginning shooting on my first adult video project as a writer/director so stay tuned :)