Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well I had a fun night last night - it was a good friend of mine's birthday party and a welcome diversion from the stress and anxiety of the week. I'm very fortunate to have made friends out here in LA that are far removed from the adult entertainment industry. Keeps me halfway down to earth and at least one quarter of the way based in "reality".
Everytime I hang out with this particular friend of mine, who is naturally very musical, she inspires me to keep practicing on my guitar. I play a bit of piano but guitar has been a bit of a challenge - what I love most about the instrument though is that it's easily portable and a great ice breaker and way to bring people together - oh and of course, I love the sound - an acoustic guitar even if played badly never actually sounds that bad :)
Today I spent some time organizing some paperwork, doing laundry and just resting (oh yea, my life is so exciting and sexy - not). I'll be on webcam tonight and most of tomorrow - oh come to think of it tomorrow afternoon will be another busy day as I'm helping a friend of mine move into her new apartment. I never have an issue with helping a friend move because considering all the moving I've had to do solo in the past, I'd do anything to help any of my friends avoid the stress and physical hardship (especially when stairs are involved).