Friday, October 16, 2009

Most things in life that most people generally hire others to do, I do myself - I built and maintain my own website, shoot my own promotional photos and pictorial photos with an interval timer, shoot many of my own videos for my website, create my own graphics, do my own wardrobe/styling, hair, even hair cuts and weaves, write my own press releases, provide my own tech support when my computers spaz out, schedule my own webcam shows etc.

Between all that and exploring any and every avenue I can find that's available to me in regards to finding work on camera as a model and adult actress, I'm stretching myself a bit too thin, so I've decided to take the step in hiring some help...

I'm currently exploring the different adult industry PR companies, and I think I've found the one which is best suited to my needs, so I'll be meeting with them this Tuesday. Yes, it's spending money I don't have right now, but hopefully in the long run the investment will pay off. Mainly I'm hoping that this company I'm choosing to work with can assist in landing me some magazine work and help guide me to the right industry events to "be seen" at.

On a side note - I feel very accomplished in regards to being organized. I finally after months of staring at a mountain of un-filed papers and receipts of epic proportions, have sorted through and filed them away. I also weeded through my closet and cleared out all the clothes I no longer wear. Everything in my apartment, which is essentially my world is now as it should be. YES!

I'd planned on mainly doing webcam shows today but realized that I needed to shoot some new photos sets being that I'm wearing just my hair nowdays in my cute little pixie cut. Below are some stills from the first set. After I finish this blog I'll be shooting one more set before getting on webcam for the evening.