Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well today has started off with a bit of a surprise. Not anything directly relating to me I suppose, but it definitely made me re-evaluate my view of someone I've recently known.

A while ago I shot a scene with a girl who I would bump into here and there socially. She seemed fairly "into" the adult industry lifestyle and I think made a decent amount of money in it. I know she started to run into some trouble a few months ago, but I lost touch with her. Well apparently she's doing a complete 180 and has joined (is getting help from) The Pink Cross - here's the article.

Now I know 3 people from the porn industry who have turned to the Pink Cross. Interesting.

I really don't buy into the fact that anyone needs to turn to a religous based organization that suggests that you completely repent your adult industry actions in order to move on with and/or get a fresh start at life. Maybe some people do need such help - I personally feel that inner strength and a firm decision as to what you want to do is all you really need.

I wonder how much money this organization gives the people that they help. I wonder if they really do help you with getting a generic 9-5 desk job. I question a lot about the motives of this organization - I hate being such a skeptic of an organization who's goal really is to "do good", but considering the personality types of the women who I know have turned to the pink cross - these women I think would repent at the drop of a hat if they knew they would be getting a decent sum of money out of it.

Lately I've been forced to question via my family's words and some other individuals life actions as to whether me having entered the adult industry was that "bright" of an idea, and the possibility of my actions having "ruined" my life and future prospects.

Well, after much questioning, I've come to the conclusion that yes, some doors are closed, but others, that aren't available to most people, have opened. I'm comfortable with where I'm at in life. Yes I could be doing better, but I think I will with time.

That's enough writing for today. I'll be on webcam today, so see you all online!