Friday, October 30, 2009

I suppose that with the coming of Halloween tomorrow, the holidays are officially upon us, and I'm glad being that I LOVE the holidays - the food, the drinks and of course - the parties!

Last night I psyched myself up enough to leave my apartment and hit my first party of the season - it wasn't a "holiday" party - it was an adult industry event celebrating the birthday of Lee Bang (a male talent who also runs an adult talent agency - you can catch a scene I shot with him in "Milf Chocolate #3") which was hosted by his lovely and sexy wife Sophie Dee.

The party was great. I went solo, but saw quite a few friends. Notably D Snoop, Candice Nicole, Magdalene, my awesome new publicist James Bartholet, my favorite adult industry event photographer Rick Garcia and one of my favorite adult industry product entrepreneurs Lou of (check out the skateboard deck he created of me below - if you'd like to buy one, let me know).

I had a few drinks, smoked a few cigs, danced to a few songs, took a few photos, and then found my way home around midnight. Luckily Opera, the club the party was held at, was less than 10 blocks from my apartment so it was only a $5 cab ride there and a $5 cab ride home.

I'll try to find some party pics later next week to post. Saturday I'll be hitting the Heaven and Hell Halloween bash hosted by All Media Play (the studio that produced Not the Cosbys XXX) - I'm excited about it.

I'm working on becoming a bit more social this party season. I don't have many friends (VERY few who actually live here in LA), so getting out to parties and events - especially this time of year when most who are single (such as I) are prone to find themselves a bit "lonely". Since moving here to Hollywood, it's been a struggle - actually moving here from FL has been one of the hardest things I've ever done - financially and emotionally - but it's also been one of my greatest accomplishments.

Something I've learned as of late is: when something isn't working and you've tried your best to fix it, but it just refuses to be fixed - you just gotta let it go - that goes for items, goals, dreams and relationships - of all sorts. I'm becoming much better at letting go of items, certain goals, and certain dreams (though I still have plenty to work with and on), but letting go of people is still very difficult - but I'm learning that to maintain my sanity, self esteem, self worth, drive and overall happiness - I have to and will do it when necessary.

To conclude this blog, I want to send out a lot of hugs and thanks to everyone out there who has sent me words of encouragement in regards to some of my recent blogs and to those who consistently send me positive feedback on my work both in front of and behind the camera. It means a lot.

Have a great Friday!