Saturday, October 06, 2007

I spent today looking at some supposedly authentic alien interrogation/interview footage on YouTube. Interesting. If anyone reading this wants the link just shoot me a message/email.
Whether it's real or not isn't the issue - the real issue with anything pertaining as to whether or not the govt. is covering up "alien contact" or "paranormal phenomenon" or anything else conspiracy related all stems down to people's perception of the govt. having to much control over the people.
I used to feel as if I didn't have enough "freedom" or "free stuff" but lately, I've been thinking the opposite.
Yea, maybe energy should be free, but hell, it's still pretty cheap with the exception of gasoline. Also for god's sake - look at the gift of the internet. I don't HAVE to pay for a anymore with VOIP - and even if I do pay for VOIP it's just PENNY's it didn't use to be like this.
The internet is like a giant free bookstore/library - people just don't know how to use it right and overall don't use it enough. I do though :)