Tuesday, October 16, 2007

While working tonight I was thinking that over the past few years I've made many unwise decisions, hung out with many dangerous, manipulative, selfish and destructive people, and have put myself in many situations that I should have been be many levels above.
Well, that's all ok, because I've learned many lessons from the experiences and am trying to be a happier, better, stronger, healthier and more productive person. Most importantly though, I've learned how to recognize and identify certain qualities in people, places and situations that aren't good or right for me, much faster than before, and then make the good decision of keeping those people, places and situations FAR away from myself and life.
I feel good about that.
Due to my bad decisions in the past, some not so great consequences have manifested. The most painful consequences that I'm dealing with have to do with my father no longer communicating with me. I understand their points of view. It hurts but I'll live with it - at least my mother talks to me.
I've gone 24 hours without a cigarette. Last time I tried to quit I was committed to it. This time I am. Last time I went about 3 weeks without smoking which was a good run but this time rather than thinking in terms of "weeks" - I'm thinking in terms of years. Tonight I pulled all the wardrobe I need for the photos and video for my miztressmonica.com site.
I think the photos are gonna look great! This week I'll be receiving video camera I've been wanting. I can't wait FINALLY to do the video projects I've been mentally outlining and visualizing for the past few months.