Friday, October 12, 2007

Well it's been a productive week overall. Did a photoshoot, tons of cam shows, and begain formulating some new ideas for my website. This weekend however I will be very busy.

I'm very serious about taking Monica Foster more into the fetish scene. Today I bought the domain for the gateway of the launch of the "fetish side" of Monica.

Last night after I hit the chinese food buffet (one of my favorite lowcost places to get my "grub on" - that's where I am in the photo) with a friend of mine I stopped by Fetish Factory and picked up my first "official" piece of fetish wear which I'll be using for my Miztress Monica cam shows and photos for my fetish/dom miztressmonica site. I'm very excited about exploring my "darker side". Somehow the fetish world feels very comfortable to me.

I broadcasted my Friday installment of RED T-back ( earlier today because I'd anticipated going out on an actual "date" tonight. Well ONCE AGAIN I've encountered yet another man-flake. Supposedly the guy both text messaged and emailed me that he had to cancel (I didn't get these supposed texts or emails). So sure, so out of ALL the Texts and Emails I get daily his MYSTERIOUSLY didn't get through. A real man calls to cancel.

I'm glad that I didn't have to actually go out with this dude to realize have to realize the flake-factor though :) There's a bottle of wine and block of cheese with my name on it in the fridge and tons of guys for me to chat with durring my cam shows tonight - so somehow I think I'll be ok :) I'll go out with my girlfriends tomorrow.

I'm very excited about October 17th. Why? Because the Sunrise, Florida IKEA store is FINALLY OPENING!!!! I have been waiting for this day for 2 years. Now I can make my apartment my DREAM apartment!!!!!! I can't FUCKING WAIT!