Friday, October 26, 2007

My nephews 1st birthday was this week - wow what it must be like to be brand new in today's world. While I was shopping in Target for his gifts, I was checking out some of the new toys out for kids. Some are really cool, but in my opinion the problem with a lot of the toys out now, is that they do the playing FOR the kids - it's like the kids don't have to use their imagination to much anymore. Some of the toys that were my favorites from when I was kid, you can't even find anymore.
Anyways, my neighbor who lives above me must be depressed or going through something because she keeps playing the same fucking song OVER AND OVER again at max volume. If she does it again tomorrow, I'm going to have to talk to her about lowering the volume. Luckily her taste in music really isn't that bad - check out the video below of the song she keeps playing - it's Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis.
I really like the way the stylist put her look together and the video itself is very glam.

Well I'll be doing cam shows all weekend along with some new photo and video sets. This morning I'm going to do a set of headshots.
I wanted to try to get to the beach , but looks like it'll be rainy most of the weekend. I hate the rain - I hate humidity - I think I hate moisture in general - that's why living in the desert is so appealing to me.