Monday, October 01, 2007

Well this weekend was BUSY, but unfortunately I didn't get around to doing any cam shows, so this week I'll be online every day playing a little bit of "catch up".
I saw my beautiful nephew this weekend, it's amazing as to how quickly children grow. I kind of think just the presence of children in your life somehow causes time and life to go into a state of "fast-forward".
It's so true when they say "you can never go home again" - in regards to when you move out. I'm very happy to have been living on my own all these years, but sometimes I miss the days of living with my mom. You don't realize how comfortable family life is untill it's past.
Options....right now my life is presenting me with MANY options and it's exciting. However it's also scary because I don't want to make any more bad decisions in my life. Well I guess you can't totally avoid bad decisions, but I want to make well thought out decisions, yet I also want to continue to pay attention of my "intuition".
I want to buy a new carpet for my living room today and possibly re-arrange my bedroom. Little by little I'm making my apartment a "home". I love having my own place again. I know eventually I'll find someone to have a real and healthy relationship again, which usually leads to living with that person, but I can't even imagine living with someone again as I really cherish my privacy and personal space.
It's so weird being 28. I'm officially beyond the current "MTV" age range, but I'm not old enough for the "Sex in the City" crowd. Makes me feel kind of odd as to how I should dress, act, be etc. Don't get me wrong, I don't define myself by the media's standards, but it's hard to figure out where you are in your life and where you should be at my age. I'll probably be more comfortable in my 30's. late 20's are undefinable as a single 28 year old woman.
Actually maybe that's the key"single at 28". I don't HAVE to be single right now, I'm fortunate enough never to be without a guy to date if that's what I want, but life has put me on a path to where I've somehow made it through a few long term relationships without having become a mom along the way.
In some ways it's great, in other ways it isolates you from your peers. Most women I know around me age are either in a long term relationship, married or a single mom.