Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tonight I finally made it to IKEA - well before I get to that part of my day, let me write about some other stuff first.
I love my new camcorder - I will be using it with my website in conjunction with my online talk show RED TBack, my cam shows and video pictorials all weekend, so that should be fun - I actually made a "test intro" to my website - you can check it out at the end of this post - it's not great, the editing sux but overall it's cute.

I received the photos from the photoshoot I did last week- they look nice - not really my typical flashy glamour style, but they're nice - hopefully they'll get me some positive feedback and website traffic from a larger audience.
Ok - now on to IKEA. My first experience with the newly opened South Florida IKEA probably was a bit tainted by the MAD MASSES OF PEOPLE who had the same idea as me tonight - to go shopping for amazingly inexpensive cool, fun and funky furniture, knic-knacks and other stuff I probably don't really need but that really does make my apartment a "happy place".
I have a theory about IKEA - IKEA has managed through their products and store layout to allow you to have the chance to "take home the dream". Their products are specifclly designed to trick shoppers into thinking that they can fill that empty saddness that so many of us embody by purchasing the entire Malm series. I love it and I'm going to buy into it though I secretly know better.
The IKEA parking lot was totally filled to capacity, so I had to park about a mile away at the Bank Atlantic stadium (overflow IKEA lot).
Now IKEA does currently have a trolly running between the overflow Bank Atlantic stadium parking and the store, which is nice, but it was a pain in the ass because I couldn't buy the actual furniture pieces I wanted to buy tonight due to the inability to transport them myself from the store, to the trolly and then to my car .
They had some sort of a delivery discount available but screw that - I'll just wait for next week when the store isn't crazy busy, which should be Monday during the morning/afternoon.
I did buy a few cool items I felt needed. A throw rug for my bedroom, a really cool pendant lamp for my living room, some very modern looking circular mirrors which I've already made into a design on my living room wall, a bathmat for my bathroom, a can opener, a utinsil set and a spatula.
I was shocked as to the quality of some of the furniture. It looks better than I'd anticipated it looking in "person" being that I've been obsessing on the website for years now.
I am going to become an IKEA addict. Whenever I feel sad, angry, bored, alone, or psychotic I'm going to go to IKEA. I am going to replace my past smoking addiction with an IKEA addiction. My shitty apartment will soon look incredible!!!!! And at the end of my lease when I move into a larger place - preferably a townhouse, it will be IKEA'd out as well.
Welcome to Ikiaism.