Friday, December 21, 2007

I finished all my Christmas shopping today and walked away from the experience with a new outlook on my country. I've come to realize, that electing another President, Vice President, or even continuing with our form of government overall is just yet another mistake in America's current and seemingly endless disfunctional cycle. Instead, IKEA needs to rise to power and take over America's government.
Thank God for IKEA. IKEA saved me this Christmas. IKEA truly is heaven on earth. Bright, clean, orderly, products that are simple and straight forward though designed to be rearrangable and even altered to your own specifications, friendly employees, prices I can afford, a do-it yourself enviroment....(I could go on and on).
Some conspiracy peeps say IKEA is our governament's way to introduce Americans to a more communist type system. Well if that's the case, then just call me the Hitler of furniture and other household items.
You just CAN'T BEAT IKEA. Period. If I ever have a child, I might name it IKEA (or maybe Malm). That is how impressed I cam with that company. Yes, I am a nerd.
I'll tell you what though - Sawgrass Mall can go straight to hell...and then a few levels below that as well. Sawgrass Mall is actually the current state of America. Way too big, way to many people who don't speak english, way to much useless and overpriced poor quality crap and junk and a ton of scam artists. I should have known better than to even ATTEMPT that mall but the Christmas Shopping Fever got the best of me. I'll tell u what though, I couldn't deal with that mall for any longer than an hour. Ye
I'm a green little Grinch this Christmas. I don't want to even deal with the damn holiday this year - I just want this year to be OVER because I'm ready to move on to '08.