Thursday, December 20, 2007

Well, only a few days till Christmas and I still haven't done any shopping for my family or friends - just great... and I really can't handle the thought of hitting a shopping center/mall around this time of year - I live with a high level of anxiety so I do my best to avoid situations that may set me off.
Since almost everywhere is going to be busy since we're only a few days away from Chrstimas I'm going to hit probably the ONLY store that I can deal with - IKEA, so that where I will be early afternoon later today. I'm not going to totally stress, I'm just going to buy what I afford this year for close family and friends and let that be it.
I'm not making any ''New Year's" resolutions, I'm just staying on the same track I'm currently on - my main priorities as of current are to move into a nicer place, get a nicer car, open my photography studio (hopefully) , improve my wardrobe and do some traveling.