Monday, December 03, 2007

Tonight while doing cam shows, I listened to one of the most interesting broadcasts of Coast to Coast AM that i've heard in a long time - you can check it out here:

The show covered the topic of "human-robot relationships in the future" in regards to love and sex with robots that look totally human. I wish I'd listened to the show live to where I could have called in because in a sense, as a cam girl - to a lot of a guys I am a bit of a "virtual girlfriend". I think my insight as to the show's topic would have been a bit different than some of the other callers.

On one hand, I think a realistic "sex robot" could be good for people who are incapable of maintaining relationships with real people, but on the other hand, it could cripple a person from TRYING to maintain a real relationship with a person.

At this point in my life, I personally wouldn't mind have a realistic "male" sex/relationship robot. Hell, it would be fun and in a way emotionally fulfilling. Of course it wouldn't be able to take the place of a real person, but for now it would work.

Actually that company "Real Doll" ( really pisses me off, because they have a HUGE assortment of dolls for men but only one model for women - what they hell is that about?

I think more women buy sex toys than men, so why wouldn't they have more male models of a real doll than female? I just don't get it.