Saturday, December 29, 2007

Well I'm all set for New Years Eve. I still don't have definite plans but I DO have a kick ass outfit and a little cash to buy myself some drinks. That's all you really need. I was hoping to have a date, but anyone I was thinking of asking either is out of town (valid excuse), or already has plans (not a valid excuse as they COULD include me) or are broke (not a valid excuse because it shows total irresponsiblity).
The assholes who already have plans or are broke had better not bother me for the rest of the year - you gotta give to get and I'm not about chumps in '08 at all.

I will be working most of this weekend, but I might venture out either tonight or tomorrow just to socialize, listen to some music and get a few drinks. We'll see. I finally cleaned my car, hopefully in '08 I can get a convertible. :)