Monday, December 10, 2007

Sometimes it's not until you've had a great steak from Albertson's cooked on your little George Foreman Grill, a bottle and a half of Hornsby's Amber draft, and a Marlboro Light, while watching an episode of Sex in the City while sitting on your patio that you realize that being single at 28, almost 29 really ain’t to shabby.
I think part of my problem is that sometimes I'm so consumed with finding "the one" that I don't take time to "smell the roses" and realize that my life overall is pretty damn good.
Where else in the world can I enjoy a nice winters evening on the weekend on my patio in relative summer/spring conditions while listening to some mellow
spanish music wafting on the evening breeze from my latin american neighbors apartment one over and one up from mine.
Where else in the world could I "go to work" from my bedroom at home in my lingerie and make an ok living?
Maybe somewhere, but I don't know where.
I love steak. Usually steak and shrimp, especially at a nice restaurant, but the beauty of grocery stores and their abundance of spices, sauces, and other edible supplies is that the average girl can at least attempt to do it herself. I’m thinking about taking some cooking classes for the hell of it to become a better chef. Dating a chef really isn’t a good solution because you can become dependant upon them cooking for you, and if you grow to hate who you’re dating to contemplate whether or not to break up because of the food. I think that mere situation is why many people stay together…
One thing about being single, is that you really learn how to crack yourself up (ya start to make yourself laugh).
I’m not sure I’m really even single since I have pets. My dog is great, totally my buddy and a diversion from taking myself too seriously, but the real roommate around here is my bird. This bird I have is 14 years old. Amazing. My bird has seen a lot. Luckily he can’t talk, if he could I don’t think I’d want to know what he has to say…
Last night I and my friend Amanda had a really cool "im-promptu" evening in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Just 2 friends, checking out the scene, having some drinks, flirting with some guys and then parting ways. Very cool if I say so myself.
I don't know what I'm doing for the Christmas holiday yet. As of current I don't have anything planned. A part of me wants to spend it with my family but I truly don't know if I'm ready to be the "single odd one out" in my age range amongst my family. A part of me wants to try to do a "single girls" holiday somewhere remote and exciting from my norm. Like Las Vegas....
We'll see what happens, maybe I'll just volunteer somewhere.
Monday my new computer which I will use only for video editing arrives.
I’m happy about that.