Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I love L.A. - It's my second night back and all's going well, and I'm looking forward to my trip continuing to go well. I want this journey to be as productive and lucrative as possible.
Today as a cool day, I was cast by Adam and Eve video in their new "porn spinoff" of Flavor of Love - their version will be called Flavor of Lust. It was shot totally in your typical "reality show" format. The set was beautiful, the crew on set was fun and very hospitable, and the girls and guys I worked with were GREAT. The guy who played the "Flavor Flave" type character is a rapper/musician who goes by the name "Cave" - really nice guy and very talented.
The group of girls from my agency that I'm staying with on this trip are much more my speed than last time, though the girls from my trip last time were nice too.
Tomorrow I have 2 scenes to shoot, so it'll be a busy day. This weekend I think I will rent a car and get to know LA a bit more on my own.