Saturday, April 26, 2008

Well yesterday/tonight was very productive. I did my weekly live cam show for the members of's Club Monica on the camz network, I did quite a few private camshows for my fans, I shot a new photo pictorial of myself (below is a shot from it) for my website called "Futuristic Funk", and I made another "behind the scenes" video of this shoot to post on YouTube. A busy bee - yes I am...
I already miss Los Angeles a little bit, but I sure don't miss the lack of humidity - dry climates are great for breathing but are really bad for my skin. Out there I go through a bottle of lotion a week.
I have a ton of video I've got to get around to editing this weekend. Hopefully I'll find the time to develop the splash pages for a couple of my new sites that I'm planning on developing over the next few months.