Friday, June 27, 2008

Haven't written in my blog for a while - mainly because I've been solidifying things for my move to Los Angeles. I found an AWSOME apartment and I'm very excited about moving in. I'll probably IKEA it to death.
Figuring out what to bring and what not t bring on my drive to CA from FL is going to be hard. I think I'm going to wind up putting my bed and sofa on craigslist to sell, and everything else can go in storage aside from my clothes, computer stuff and a few other necessities.
What pisses me off about this drive across country is the cost of gas. I hate the gas companies and suppliers right now. they're making it hard on everyone and it's needless. I'd like for these gas company assholes and middle eastern oil well owners to live my life for a month, then maybe they'd come to their senses and stop this rise in gasoline prices.
Anyways the new neighborhood I'll be living in ROCKS! I really lucked out with the location of the apartment that I found.
The great thing about LA is that even though it's a really cool city, there's a ton of nature to get out and about in.
Well I'll post some updates durring my drive across country. I think as long as my GPS works and I can buy gas, the drive will be a lot of fun.