Saturday, June 14, 2008

A part of me will really miss Fort Lauderdale after I move to Los Angeles. What I'll miss the most is the night life - you just can't beat the social scene here. Last night me and my friend Amanda went to have some drinks downtown in the Los Olas area, I swear everytime I hang out down there and people watch, I always wind up having a great laugh.

Today I realized that I know more about the adult video biz than I initially thought (even though I still don't really know that much at all). A new friend I made while out in LA gave me a call to ask about the porn video scene down here in FL. I told her what I know and gave her the names of a few contacts I have, but told her that ultimately the real money comes from having your own site and taking control of your own image and creating your own content. This particular girl has been in the biz for approx. 2 years, so she probably has a huge and solid fan base but doesn't even know it. Hopefully she'll let me help her build a website.

That's the thing about this industry - women are the ones who hold the real power, but few realize it. I hope that in this phase of my life, I can open some women's eyes to this fact and help to shift the balance of power of the adult biz from being controlled primarily by men to it being controlled equally by women.