Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thanks to a good friend of mine Avi G. - I learned today that I accomplished ALL my goals within my "adult video exploration endeavor" after all. My corny, nerdy, dorky - yet cute ass made it onto the BOXCOVER of one of the first DVD series that I ever shot for. Check it out and BUY IT (I'll set up a way you can buy it from me via my website later this week if you're a loyal Monica Foster fan).

Click here to buy the DVD - I'm the 3rd girl on the right on the cover :)

I guess due to my canceled boxcover shoots with another studio which I initially liked but now can't stand due to their "let me make false promises and string you along as long as possible just because we're idiots on power trips" tactics, I didn't think that I'd ever have a boxcover credit but it LOOKS LIKE I DID AFTER ALL! LOL.
I will be posting this up on my myspace too - yea it's just porn, but hell - I'm feeling really great about this :)
As far as I'm concerned this is another step in the right direction towards a prosperous and solid future - initially I wanted to explore adult video to learn the "behind the scenes process" - of which I have. I'm so looking forward to directing and distributing my own content.
I think this warrants a posting on xxxporntalk come to think of it.
Actually upon finishing this blog and looking at the box cover again I just realized that the boxcover labels all the women in this flick as "cougars" - how the hell am I a "cougar" being only 29 years old?!?!?! Oh well - I'll growl, roar and purr with the best of 'em.