Monday, June 09, 2008

Well it's good to be back in FL and to have a chance to rest and relax, but I'm very excited to be moving out to California towards the end of the month. I've wanted to live in California since I was a little girl and after these past few trips to LA I know that California is definitely the right place for me to be. I'm not planning on doing much more adult video out there though, if any at all - unless it's content I create, direct, edit and distribute myself (and hell, I probably won't even be in it - at least not that much). I had a blast doing a good majority of the few scenes that I was contracted for, and don't regret any of my choices, however the mentality of many individuals in the business towards performers is sickening to me, and I try not to spend time or energy with people or in situations that bring me down.
I think I want my new place in California to be a loft - that would be really cool. I also think I want to live in downtown LA, but I'm still not ruling out the valley. Unfortunately my credit sucks right now - hopefully I won't have a difficult time getting approved - ARG! - there's always an element of stress to EVERYTHING.
The great thing about this move to LA will be the opportunity to get into a lot of outdoorsy activities like hiking and biking. Also there are a lot of paranormal/spiritual locations out west that I'd like to explore.
Once I'm settled I plan on taking a drive up to WA too, to check out Kirkland which is where I was born.