Friday, June 06, 2008

Well I made it back to FL from CA. What a trip - I was in CA for a total of 20 days. The trip started out a little rough but wound up being one of the best work/pleasure trips I've EVER taken.
The end of my CA trip was the best part, but being that the reason is personal in nature (yep, even I have to keep SOME parts of my life to myself), I won't go into it.
I've decided that living in CA at this point in my life is the right thing for me to do - in fact I'll go as far as to say it's what I'm meant to do, so I'm going to work hard over the next few weeks to tie up all of my "lose ends" here in FL and make my journey out to CA permanently by the last week of June. I can't wait.
It's good to be back in FL though, the weather is beautiful today. I realy missed my pets a lot.
The cool thing about traveling and living out of a suticase (or in my case suitcases) is that you learn very quickly EXACTLY what you need and don't need in order to survive, look good and hold it together.
The great thing about CA is the abundance of nature and outdoor activities readily available to participate in. In FL we have the beach, which is great, but I'm coming to find that I'm more of a land sport person, and in CA the topography is AMAZING - hills and mountains everywhere. I took the most beautiful hike while I was in CA into the hills and I feel like that's something I should be doing a few times a week - both for excercise and to recenter my spirit.
Over the next few weeks I need to get my SUV in check, and try to sell off or give away things I can't take with me on my move. It'll be a hassel but I'm up for challenge.
I'm not moving out to California for adult video...I'm moving out to California for what's in store for my life after my adult video performance phase. This last trip out to CA gave me such a clear vision as to exactly where my life is headed - it's just great.
The funny thing about this trip though, is that just how my future options and paths were revealed to me, so were many other things...I saw many people and situations for exactly who and what they are. It didn't make me angry though, I just felt pity.