Sunday, August 31, 2008

I can't believe we're already entering September - I'm glad though because I love the fall, and the great thing about California opposed to Florida is that you actually experience some "seasons". I can already feel the weather getting cooler and I'm hoping that by November I can bust out my leather pants :)

I haven't met that many people in the area just yet, but it AMAZES me as to how many people feel the need to over-exagerate how successful they are and just out-right lie about what their intentions are. I'm definitely grateful that I've made the few legit friends that I have, because I'm going to be very selective in creating any additional friendships at this point.

One thing I love about the area of California I live in though, is how many women wear DRESSES in their everyday lives. I've always been more of a pants/shorts type of girl, but as of late - I've been tapping a bit more into my femininity and have been busting out with the dresses :) It's a nice change.

Today I took some time to really reflect on my work as an adult entertainer, adult video star and porn star - some people may say those 3 terms are interchangable but from my perspective, they are not at all.

This September and will be launched and I'm very excited about it. I feel capable of launching both sites because well, even though I only have about 22 scenes under my belt I successfully "got into porn" and though I'm not officially "retired" any other porn videos I star in most likely will be videos that I direct, shoot and produce under my own company. I don't feel like making anyone else any more money.

One thing that I want the 2 sites to really do though, is to educate the public about what it really takes to survive in the porn world - psychologically and physically. It amazes me as to how infatuated the world is with the adult and porn biz, but how it's so condemned. Well, I take that back, I'm not "amazed" by this - I just think it's funny to hear a man say how much he LOVES Jenna Jameson or Heather Hunter but then in the same breath how "horrible and dangerous" it is to do porn due to it being "unprotected sex". Oh, and most likely that SAME guy will call up an escort agency and fuck the escort with a condom but require "un-covered" head, because it's not "that un-safe".

Oh how the high and mighty continue to fall.