Sunday, August 10, 2008

I've recently been cast in an independent film which is a bit of a crime drama. I can't say too much about it yet, but as I can reveal more details as to what the project is about and it's progression, I will post them. I'm very excited about this film because it will be my first widely distributed "mainstream" movie role. Go me :)
Today I met a really interesting fairly established actor. It's interesting to really sit and talk to someone who's in such a personally creative field. Gave me another perspective as to what it takes to really make it in entertainment.
I'm finally going to send over my new casting photos to my agency tomorrow. As most of you guys who read my blog know, I'm only going to be taking a very select few AV bookings, so enjoy me while you can. Most likely January of '09 Monica Foster will not be working in AV anymore.
Tonight I had a chance to check out that Sasha Grey interview with Tyra Banks. I feel like that show threw the girl under the bus. Sasha Grey is a much more hardcore and established "porn star" than I am (she's also WAY younger), but I can relate to where she is in her life and I think the Tyra show was just trying to gain ratings as being a "show for moral america". Recently I referred Elli and Desi Foxx to the show, but now I'm thinking that I shouldn't have considering how aggressively against porn Tyra Banks IRONICALLY is.
I'm back to regularly doing my webcam shows. It's been a lot of fun and don't forget to check out my weekly free show for all the CAMZ network members.
I am sooo sore - I've been working out at the gym relatively heavily. I love the results but I hate the muscle strain as the muscle is rebuilding.
Oh and talk about pain, my guitar progress is really coming along but DAMN do my fingers HURT.
Starting next week this blog will be going 80% video and 20% text. Why? Because I feel like doing that. Ta ta for now boys and girlz.