Monday, August 04, 2008

Well, it's been an interesting past few days. I worked for Naughty America again earlier this week. I'll say it once again, they are now my favorite AV company to work with. Very professional, nice, and easy going group of people. This was my first B/G/G scene and may just be my only - don't wanna oversaturate the market now :) I had a god time doing it but will most likely not be doing many other adult scenes unless it's content developed under my own name/company.
In other news, my business cards still haven't arrived - for my freelance photography and web design. Gonna have to call the company I ordered them from tomorrow - it's amazing how the things you need most, always take the most patience.
I had a great weekend - just really relaxed. One thing I'll mention for other's out there who have moved or are moving to Hollywood, CA - MAKE SURE you get to know people in the "Valley" because living in urban Southern California is an incredibly FAST PACED and loud enviroment. Getting out to the valley and the suburbs get's you back to you (slows you down a bit).
Just a tip.