Friday, August 15, 2008

Today was a very productive and "decisive" day. Woke up early, edited my newest self portraiture photo set which I sent to my agency as my new casting photos - this is actually the first photo set that I've taken in my new California pad - here's one of my favorites:

Though I really want to give mainstream acting a shot, I've decided that doing the independent film that I mentioned in previous posts isn't the way to go - mainly because I didn't feel the right "chemistry" with my co-stars and film crew. I know that may sound a bit "out there" but trust me, it's better not to do something when you don't feel right about it.
I had an unexpected visitor this afternoon (a film student who I recently met) who I've decided to start a new project with, which will have the working title "American Madame" -I'll keep you all posted on that project :)
I've decided to take down that post from a couple days ago, which detailed my bad experience with a reality show - mainly because negativity gets you no where.
Hopefully I'll go out this weekend, I really feel the need to socialize. I'm glad I've made a couple really cool friends out here in California, but with 1 "friend" in particular, I'm not sure where I stand, I'm going to have to just be patient, sit back and relax to find out.