Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank goodness for antibiotics. Today is the first day since about last Thursday or Friday that I feel back to "normal". I don't know where that cold/flu came from or why it chose me to attack but the antibiotics have (at least from what I can tell) pretty much defeated it. Yea!!!
Today/tonight I'm probably going to a shoot another new pictorial for my website. Maybe oneday I'll actually get these pictorials uploaded.
I've been approached recently with a business proposal which would most likely give me the type of adult industry career that I've been wanting, but would require me to relinquish control of my "image" (as in how I wear my hair, my wardrobe on set, how I'm marketed, etc) - well that's all fine with me because I'm exhausted from doing everything myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm very proud of what I've built in regards to "Monica Foster", which isn't that much, but I'm ready to turn Monica over the some "experts".
I may try to do my show on camz tonight as well.
Just as I love the "fan mail" I get through my site, I also find the hate mail equally entertaining. Here's a hatemail I received this afternoon:
wow!! Are you overfull of yourself!!
Geeeezz!! Monica, I've been following you since the spring. I was even a
member of your site for 2 mos or so.
You are attractive. Yes!! Smokin?? Umm, I don't so. Nice body. Smokin????
ummmmmm I don't think so. You are really full of yourself. Too much so!!
You get treated like you are because of the business you are in dear. It
ain't hard to figure out. You say that you aren't whorin around.
You're having sex for money!! What do you call that?? Look, I don't give
a fuck if you're selling pussy in church. Doesn't bother me. I state
this only as an observation.

You've obviously made some mistakes in your life. That's cool. Who
hasn't?? And you're still young. But you should study those and be
moving to make right decisions. You have absolutely no chance of making the
transition to mainstream movies. NONE!! I've seen your movies. Look Good??
yes. Act?? Absolutely fucking terrible. Laughable!! Monica, nobody can
argue that you are a dumb bunny. But you have a pattern of making horrendous
decisions. And as long as you refuse to recognize that, those decisions will
continue. Get off the "attractive or hot" deal and USE YOUR FUCKING
MIND! Leave the other shit for lagniappe.
Good Luck

For someone who is so passionate about what a horrible performer I am and who's so on top of the bad decisions they perceive me as have making, they certainly aren't too confident, because of course, it was sent ANONYMOUSLY.

Look, if you're going to diss me, at least sign the email with your full name. Be proud of your opinions on me if you care to share them - otherwise it just makes you yet another coward. This email doesn't even make sense, because if I'm a girl who's so misguided how in the world do I manage to maintain my website, cam shows, av career, photography biz, website biz and overall life?

It's easy to go off on someone that you THINK you know, anonymously or not, but really a person has NO right to do so unless they're putting themselves out there publicly in the same capacity. I've taken a risk in life and I can accept the criticism that comes along with it, but I'm not made of stone - I deal with it but it DOES hurt on a certain level, so whoever sent me this shit is in the wrong. I'd actually like to take a good long look at the person and life of the person who sent this.

ANyways who cares, maybe I am full of myself - I gotta be - and if I'm not so hot, why else would anyone bother viewing my website :)

I've finally come to terms with the fact that very few if any people will agree with the lifestyle I lead, and that's cool, because the only people the really matter to me are my family a few friends and myself. Afterall, myself is all I really have anyways.