Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This morning was truly a historic day. I am watching the Presidential Inauguration this morning of Barak Obama on CNN.com and I am so happy that I'm crying - I never anticipated that I would be this emotional over this, but I truly am. I completely understand today, at this moment what a historic and monumental event today is - not just for african-americans/blacks, but for all people in this country and world as a whole.
Yesterday on a local news broadcast a black woman in around her 50's was interviewed, and she stated that she didn't think in her life she'd witness a black president - well I wasn't sure that I would either and I'm 30.
I didn't think that there wouldn't be a black president ever because of racism in our country and in the world on a large scale, but on a small scale...meaning that there are simply just a few people who still harbor and promote very "old fashioned" and overall "hateful" mindsets in attempt to retain power - a power which they don't truly have to begin with.
I talk a lot on this blog about racism, in the adult industry especially (because that is the industry of which I work and it's what I'm familiar most with), and I will continue to do so - why? Because I'm going to try my best to implement changes in this industry. I feel like if Mr. Obama can make such a huge step for the country and the world, the least I can do work hard to make changes for other women like myself in an industry that counts on not being looked at too closely.
Today is my true independence day and today I am a woman in the adult industry who demands equality, equal opportunity and equal pay not just for myself, but for EVERYONE, regardless of what you look like.

I'm going to start a list of XXX studios and DVD's which I feel people should boycott due to racial issues I have PERSONALLY encountered because it's time to cut the crap.