Monday, January 05, 2009

Well it looks as though January will be a very busy month for Monica Foster! I'm very happy about that, however though a lot of opportunities are being handed my way I'm being very selective as to which opportunities I take.
When I look back upon 2008 - namely my leap into the world of adult video - I'm able to clearly see the good moves I've made - and the bad ones I've made as well. In regards to the "bad" moves and decisions, in 2009, I'm just going to do my best to avoid such "bad" circumstances and people when I'm able to do so.
For example - one thing I've noticed and simply don't understand in the world of adult video performance is the variance of the time span of which certain companies pay for a talent's performance. My favorite AV shoots of '08 were typically the shoots of which were run in the most "professional" manner and typically those shoots paid their talent the same day or within 2 weeks.
Upon looking back, the most UNPROFESSIONAL and aggravating adult video shoots, not only had half ass production systems, but they also took FOREVER to send out their talents pay check and often "forgot" to pay you in full (resulting in having to stake out the company's home/office to collect or calling every hour upon the hour).
I've decided to make it easy on myself this year by simply NOT working with anyone who had/has issues with their payroll dept. or check writing ability. In other words - no sameday pay = no Monica Foster unless you're a high end studio which regularly pays within 2 weeks.
I'm glad I'm in a position now to where I CAN be as selective as I'm being. A big thanks to my readers yet again for your consistent booking of private cam shows with me.
Most likely this week I'll have the first installment of my first Video on Demand POV series shot (of which I'm directing and editing and distributing myself). I look forward to getting my reader's feedback on it.