Friday, January 23, 2009

Well yesterday was an interesting day. I received a booking with a new adult vid company called Blue Bird Films. I would say to definitely keep tabs on what they produce this year as I expect a lot of great things from them. The shoot went fairly smoothly without any issues and their staff, from the owner to the makeup/wardrobe crew to the camera crew, was very welcoming, kind and fun to work with.
I suppose my only criticism of the scene I shot with BlueBirdFilms was that it was set to where there was a lot of emphasis on the "racial element". I don't understand why when something is obviously interracial it has to be verbally expressed and at times in a way of which one race is somehow dominant to the other. Oh time hopefully this will change as out society does.
When I got home I was SOOOOO tired, so after texting a few friends I pretty much hit the sack. I expect to mostly do camshows over the weekend and hopefully get some grocery shopping done :)
One of my goals for February is to make a few purchases related to getting my media business in Cali off the ground...cross your fingers.