Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today will be another cam show day!!!!! It's good to finally be back into a bit of a daily "work routine". Slowly but surely I'm getting all my ducks in a row so that I can launch my 4 (possibly 5) new websites all at once at the end of this month. I'm excited, but I'm trying to put my new project launches as close to the release of my first feature "Not the Cosby Show XXX" as possible.
Speaking of that, I suppose I better get ready for a bit of "backlash" from that project - check out this video someone posted about the upcomming flick:

I might post a video response, not sure I want to take the time though. It's amazing to me how many people just to "get it" when it comes to what is important in life to be concerned about....ugh.

Actually I received a nice myspace email from someone who found another "anti-Not the Cosby Show XXX" blog posting. Here's part of the note:

I happened across a blog regarding your upcoming 'Cosby Show' spoof and it was one of the most idiotic rants I had ever read online. I posted an angry reply only because it was so ignorant; and I noticed afterwards that you had replied as well!

Well, here is my rant at the blogger and those who left comments (apologies for the language and extremely hostile tone, but I got extra-annoyed and I'm a writer, sooooo)

his post is the most hyper-sensitive, ridiculously unfounded piece of race-baiting bullsh*t I have read in a while. Porn parodies things ALL THE TIME!!!!! The Kennedys, TV sitcoms, popular movies, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and countless other things have been parodied by the adult film industry. It’s PORN people! We trivialize our own struggle when we bitch and moan about harmless stuff like this. And Alexis, you sound ignorant as hell. It’s a damn sitcom! Are we as a people so LOST that we turn a 30 minute TV show into a sacred cow? It wasn’t even a very GOOD show past the third season! Watch ‘SNL’ or ‘MadTV’ and you pop culture parodies all the time, just like in porn. It will only be seen by people who want to see it, anyway–so why do you care so much? This is what they do! Like Monica Foster said, you’re complete and TOTAL hypocrites. We make our selves look really stupid sometimes.

And I’m sorry–I didn’t realize ‘The Cosby Show’ saved the black community. I must’ve missed that one, because I remember a show that aired during the HEIGHT of crack and the AIDS epidemic, at the HEIGHT of gang violence, at the HEIGHT of un-wed mothers in our community, and at the HEIGHT of high-profile police brutality, yet NEVER addressed any of these social ills. It was pure escapism, so to hear my people talk about that show like it was the March on Washington makes me want to puke. I loved that show as a kid, and it was a very important show–but it was just a SHOW! Stop turning everything into a sacred piece of Black history and recognize entertainment for what it is.

I’m sorry, this is my last post, but I re-read this ‘article’ and got pissed all over again. ‘Defamation of character?’ These ARE FUCKING FICTIONAL CHARACTERS! Are you stupid? I don’t understand this—do you think that Theo Huxtable is going to file suit with the film’s producers? Cockroach is going to go on Larry King? It might sadden you to know that Batman isn’t real, either. God, I can’t stand psuedo-conscious, psuedo-intellectual idiots. And this isn’t MAINSTREAM–that’s the point! If a mass of people get mad about this, it will only affirm my worst fears about where my people are at: That this generation is so lost and so enamored with the pro-activism of the Civil Rights era, that they will manufacture superficial ’causes’ to rally behind; make a big huff, and disappear after a week. Idiots like this are just further discrediting the struggle that we fight everyday. There are FAR more important things to rally about than a damn porno.

It's good to know that some people actually take the time to think and do a bit of research before they pass judgment. Thinking and the ability to research and investigate things in life are probably 2 of our greatest God given tools. I've certainly come to realize that.