Friday, August 07, 2009

I am far from "famous" - however being that I have a good amount of adult movies out and a popular website, I'm starting to realize that I'm more visible and known than your average girl. In some ways it's cool - in other ways it's not, primarily because I'm beginning to experience a wave of "blasts from the past".

What's a "blast from the past"? Pretty much someone that you used to date or who you ran with in your crew, but who for whatever reason (usually due to the person being a jerk) you no longer communicate with any longer.

As of late I've had about 4 guys that I used to date or know (years ago) try to contact me over the past week. Get fucking real. It's not as if I just suddenly "popped in their head". These guys obviously either saw me in a porn, or on a website or in a magazine. One went as far as to say that he keeps up with my blog and is "concerned for me" (be concerned for yourself loser).

Anyone who's been a real, sincere, nice and good person that I've come across in life is still someone who's in my life - I have a pretty good amount of friends. However when people cross the line with me, I cut them out of my life - in the past it was harder for me to do that but as I age, it's getting easier.

I'm sorry "blasts from the past", but if it didn't work out then, there is no round 2 after years have gone by. I'm sorry that the girl you left me for is now overweight and not keeping herself up. I'm sorry that you've begun to lose your hair. I'm sorry that your career didn't take off as you thought it would. I'm sorry you still live at home. I'm sorry that the girl you thought you were too good for is now someone who men all over the world lust after. I'm very sorry that your friends who knew me who now know what I'm up to laugh at you for not realizing what you had when you had it.

However, I'm not sorry that I'm now an adult movie star, have aged very well, had the courage to leave everything I knew in Florida to move to California to take a chance at fulfilling some dreams, and I'm not sorry I have built a career for myself which is growing more and more day by day. Lastly I'm definitely not sorry that now that I've had "porn sex" with some of the most sexually skilled men and women in the world, I've learned a LOT.

"Blasts from the past" - please move missed out. Too bad, so sad.

In other news, Not the Cosbys XXX has just been released on AEBN and I've received some very positive and complimentary emails in regards to my performance - so thank you very much Monica Foster fans and friends out there.

Well I'll be on webcam all weekend starting this morning (Friday) but will be taking a break to have brunch with a friend on Sunday. See you all online!