Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tonight (this morning) was a good night - and a great start to the weekend - here's a video for my theme song till Monday morning:

Tonight someone special to me performed in the reunion of a group called "Say Uncle". It was a really great concert - even though the music would be classified as "metal", I'd have to dub their music as "Classic 80's Rock, but with a very melodic twist". The show was VERY high energy and I enjoyed the performance thoroughly.

The event was at a place in the Valley called "Paladinos" - very "neighborhoody" pool hall/concert venue/dance hall. I'm definitely far from snobbish, but I do have to say there were some VERY strange and shady looking people (that you could tell were from the neighborhood) there. I had to relocate the area I'd "staked out" for myself twice.

Regardless of the weirdos, I saw a few familiar faces, being that "Say Uncle" has couple adult industry commonalities. The beautiful "Porn Cougar" Magdaline and sexy blonde "Courney Cummz" were both present.

When I was leaving some guy yelled "Monica" out of his car, but I pretended not to hear...Monica was not out tonight - I was.

The bartenders at Paladinos are great - I had about 3 Malibu & Cokes through the night and I left with a great buzz. I hope that "Say Uncle" will decide to re-unite a bit more often.