Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love watching America's Next Top Model - yes, obviously because of all the fabulous fashion, photography, beautiful people and drama, and but also because the show is all about self improvement and being able to receive, accept and grow from criticism.

Arg, oh how I hate criticism... Actually the most difficult thing for me to have dealt with in "porn world" has been the element of criticism (both from directors during past shoots and from critics via their reviews of my work). In the past, my inability to take criticism has been one of my downfalls and has probably hindered some of my progression in life. I'm glad to have realized this though, because it's helped me make a dramatic change as of current - for the better.

I've had quite a few requests lately for some new self made MiZtress Monica domme videos SO I've decided to open a store especially for such videos - that will be coming soon.

Speaking for domination, I've begun reading up on BDSM / SM in detail - especially on the element of true "submission" - I feel it's important to know both sides of BDSM (domination AND submission) to properly play the role of either side of the coin.