Sunday, August 16, 2009

It looks like Mighty Afrodite will be taking over Monica Foster Live on Tuesday since I, Monica Foster will be busy , so I hope that my fans and friends will take some time out of their work week to view her - I am working hard to get launched.

As of current I have about 15 adult dvd releases reviewed for my upcomming site: - I'm excited about getting that site launched because as an industry "insider" and performer, I feel I have a unique perspective as to the quality (or lack of quality) the newer adult video releases embody.

I took a little time to myself Friday and Saturday (hence why I wasn't on webcam) but I'm online all today/tonight if you want to stop into my video chat rooms.

Lately I've been watching the series "Weeds" on my netflix account - what an awesome show - I highly recommend it - I love being able to watch an entire series at once rather than having to wait for a new installment week by week - I suppose I'm simply an "instant gratification girl" - lol. Here's a few more recommendations to enhance your life this week:

Anoushka Shankar & Karsh - "Breathing Under Water" - a beautful (primarily sitar music) album

The Cool Catz - "Catnip" - this cd is fucking GREAT - I've been listening to it in the mornings all week to get myself amped up to work - it's a slick medium between 95 South and Snoop Dog. I know one of the rappers on this album - good guy - so I urge all my readers to support this group and other independent artists as well.