Friday, November 13, 2009

I spent the first quarter of my day today recovering from getting my drink on at the AIM fundraiser last night. I had a great time and saw quite a few people that I haven't seen in a while, which is always nice.

My night started off a bit rocky unfortunately. The club, Les Deux (this is the venue the kids on "The Hills" often hung out at) is within walking distance of where I live, but considering that I didn't want to arrive all sweaty (and the fact that I was wearing 3.5" heels) I decided to take a taxi. I called about 2 hours in advance to schedule to taxi pick up from my place for 9:15pm. Well get this, when the taxi arrives and I get in and give the driver the address of the club, he says "Oh my god, I can't believe you couldn't walk there, what a waste - I've been waiting 25 minutes to pick you up".

Initially I thought maybe he'd picked up the wrong person, so I asked him if it was my name on his pick up sheet. When he said it was, I asked him what time his dispatcher gave him, and he said 9:15pm - so I asked him what the problem was. That it was a short ride and a small fare - I even offered him an extra tip for his "trouble" (trying to be nice). Instead this psycho CONTINUED to bitch the entire ride (which fortunately was only about 5 mins) and yell at me about how I shouldn't call in advance for a cab for such a short distance. I have a lot of patience and tolerance, but I won't put up with someone being unjustifiably rude to me.

After about 2 mins of this guy not quitting I told him that he obviously has a problem and that he should be ashamed of himself for talking to his taxi patrons as he was talking to me. When I got out the taxi he sped off and nearly ran over my foot.

I was pretty upset and this incident probably would have set the tone for my night, but just as I was about to walk up to the club my friend, talented mainstream comedian and co-star from "Not the Cosbys XXX , Thomas Ward rolled up. THANK GOD - perfect timing. Now I had someone to vent to about the taxi driver from hell AND enter the club and walk the red carpet with (yes, porn parties often have a red carpet for those of you who don't know) :)

Thomas and I spotted James Bartholet of Galaxy Publicity a few mins before the porn paparazzi snapped some photos of us. He was conducting interviews on the red carpet that evening which was cool as he's probably one of the most entertaining personalities in the adult industry.

I'm glad I got to the club relatively early because I like to be able to check out the venue before it gets too crowded, stake out a spot at the bar and have at least one drink prior to the social scene getting into full swing.

The theme song for the evening could have been Britney Spears' song "Circus", because I'll tell you, the adult industry is JAM PACKED full of some of the most entertaining, friendly and fun characters you'll ever find - I think mainstream entertainment WISHES they had even 10% of craziness and fun that the adult entertainment world has.

I had a chance to visit with the beautiful "Ultimate Cougar" Magdalene again, I said hello to the "World Famous" T-Reel (another Not the Cosbys XXX costar of mine - he played Cockroach - we've also done a seen together for BlueBird Films) and his beautiful GF Tori Black (I'd never seen Tori in person before - she is just as pretty in person as in her photos - a true Victoria's Secret supermodel quality girl).

Both Tommy Gunn and The Real Tommy Gunn were in attendance, I met super sexy Nick Manning for the first time (another performer who looks just as good in person as in his photos), I had a chance to say hello to adult industry legal expert Michael Fattorosi, and I hung out with probably THE MOST TALENTED wardrobe and set designer Scott of (that's who made Not the Cosbys XXX, Not the Bradys XXX, and a multitude of other adult parodies from SitCumZ look as good and true to the original series as they do) along with his partner in crime, the writer/genius/director/creator of Will Ryder (check out the photo of me and Mr. Ryder below!).

2 of my favorite adult event photographers were at the party, Rick Garcia and the beautiful incredibly cool Miss Gia Jordan (Thanks Gia for your suggestion on some additions to the "Where will your Look Fit In" section of - I'll be updating that shortly). I could go on and on about all the adult biz peeps I rubbed elbows with throughout the night, but instead I'll just refer you to the "Event Photos" category of the AVN website.

Due to the fact that I like to wake up at a decent time in the morning, I left the club at about half after midnight.

After getting home, I called that taxi company to report the driver (turned out that I'm not the only person he's unleashed his wrath upon) and went right to bed.

Today wound up being a pretty productive day even though I did have to go struggle a bit in the beginning (no more than 2 drinks per party from now on - maybe - lol). Ran some errands, treated myself to Mc Donalds, and have had a fun webcam evening so far.

Tomorrow will be a busy day again, so stay tuned :)