Friday, April 09, 2010

It's 5:42am and this isn't a blog being written from me staying up all night. I actually went to sleep early last night, slept VERY well and naturally woke up early today.

Yesterday was an interesting, yet overall nice day. I did my usual daily webcam shows, updated a few pages on my websites, did a short abdominal workout (hey summer's coming and I want to look good in my bikini at the beach), and in the evening had a really nice dinner with Julie Meadows and her husband.

The dinner was the highlight of my day (GREAT tasting salmon and asparagus with a lovely red wine - yummmmmmmmm) - as many of you know I don't get out of the house too much, and when I do, it's rare that it's to hang out with people that I find truly interesting, driven and nice. If I knew more people in LA like Julie and her husband I actually wouldn't be so quick to want to relocate.

On the way to have dinner with Julie I unfortunately was rear ended by an overly hyped up, yet attractive guy in a Mercedes. It wasn't a big deal and there was no damage to my already beat up SUV so I won't be filing any reports. I love my beat up SUV - it's tough and it's taken good care of me on my cross country drive from FL to CA back in July of 2008. Since I've lived here it's struggled but has lasted. I think my SUV and I may be strongly connected :)

Well I think I might go for a run this morning. I need to expel some energy. See you all on webcam today and tonight! Also don't miss my half hour free broadcast of Monica @ Home on