Friday, April 16, 2010

Last night's mini-dinner party was a success! I really enjoy cooking soooo much. Especially when it's cooking for good company and a bottle or 2 of wine is thrown into the equation as well.

It's been a relatively good week. I've managed to have maintained a nice balance between work and fun time (even though quite often my work IS fun time - lucky me), which is something I really want to strive to do the remainder of the year.

I re-read my most recent blog today, and I've come to a realization (actually one of my dinner party guests last night helped me to reach this realization as well). I don't miss my ex romantically at all - and when it really comes down to it, I'm not certain I even miss his "friendship" because he was never really a REAL friend. I just miss the ideal of what I wanted him to be, and what I wanted the relationship with him to be - which in reality was just a dream and not even close to being real at all.

I have enough fantasy and role playing in my work life with my cam shows - I want any future romantic relationships I have to be real - not an intangible dream.