Saturday, April 10, 2010

The sequel to Monica Foster - as many of you know, has taken much longer than I'd anticipated - a couple months longer in fact - however there's a reason as to why.

When I first started the project / venture , it had a completely different concept and meaning attached to it than it does now. I've decided actually to split the project into 2 parts - & - once the sites are launched you'll see why this was necessary.

It's amazing as to how something as simple as the natural African-American hair texture can evoke such a strong reaction in people. I decided to test out the MightAfrodite/MightyAfrodiva look tonight on webcam. I've received extreme positive reaction from my webcam viewers and extreme negative as well. Later in life I may have to write a psychological analysis in regards to this project/venture.

Anyways to all my loyal fans and friends, later this month you will be in for a treat so stick with me - in the mean time enjoy the Mighty Afrodite preview weekend :)