Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's only the beginning of the week, but already I'm a busy busy bee.

I've created a financial plan for myself which I will try my best to stick to over the next couple of years. If all goes according to my plan, I should be in a strong enough position monetarily to not only put out my first "Monica Foster" branded release at the end of this year, but to also put a down payment on a condo or townhome as well. Cross your fingers for me :)

I've decided exactly where I want to relocate to next by they way BUT I will keep it under wraps for now. Come July 1st though, I will be leaving Los Angeles for at least a year!

I watched an AWESOME series on Netflix called "Cashmere Mafia" last week. I STRONGLY recommend this series (it was a TV show) to all of my fans and friends. It totally shows the pros and cons of being a strong and career driven woman in today's society.

Though I consider myself a "cute, sexy, artistic, nerdy and sometimes overly dramatic" woman, I also have come to realize that I'm much more of a kick ass business woman than I give myself credit for.

Looking back on a few people who I've allowed into my life in the past, I can understand now why they acted as negatively they did towards me - they were intimidated. There wasn't any need for them to be of course, but hey some people are just insecure.

So I've decided that anyone new who I allow into my life in a substantial way from now on, must have a lot of self confidence and drive themselves. Bottom line, they need to have PURPOSE in their lives (as I do).

Well, time for me to get back on webcam. See you online!