Sunday, November 04, 2007

I woke up this morning feeling GREAT! I mean really great - I would like to write about as to why, but I'm still testing out a new part of my health regimin, so until I have concrete proof that what I'm doing really is beneficial, anyone reading this will simply have to wait to find out why I feel so good.

This morning I did another broadcast of my online talk show RED T-BACK and it turned out to be a really good installment. I covered some really good points - especially in relation to maintaining mental and physical health while working as a dancer. Then my friend "Fetus" called in along with a really cool girl who's a Coyote in a Coyote Bar down in Texas. The conversations were cool.

I was contacted by a photographer earlier this week to be in a calendar, the booking isn't finalized yet, but hopefully it will be.

I hope not the only person who thinks or has noticed this, but why is it that when guys hit around 27 or 28, they suddenly have a really fat head and face. I think that's so gross. I'm going to have to become a "cougar" because I haven't seen any men over 30 in a while without a fat ass head. Maybe I just have a preference for thinner men with high cheek bones.